Fighting Gravity for your Health

If you are standing for long hours on the job, including cashiers, teachers, nurses and factory workers, you are the candidate for compression stockings. We carry a variety of stockings at the centre including stockings that feature antimicrobial foot beds and breathable microfibers that wick away moisture, keep your feet comfortable and dry.


All Benefits

Combining the proper piece of footwear with the correct compression sock could not be a stronger match. You can only benefit from caring for your feet and lower limbs.


Fight Gravity!

Compressions stockings, perscribed by a doctor, that fight gravity, keep your blood flowing and alleviate the achy leg pain so many people suffer from.



We are proud to offer Bauerfeind compression stockings at the Advanced Foot & Brace Centre. A trusted brand for our staff and patients.

Bauerfeind stockings have been proven effective in Europe for 80 years. The feed back from our existing patients has been positive they seem to love the fit, feel and variety that Bauerfeind provides.

At Advanced Foot & Brace Centre we carry compression stockings of all kinds. Come in and we will fit you for any of your needs!