Providing the finest in all foot care services, from corn and callus treatment to medical pedicures. Below you will find helpful links,
information of proper diabectic Foot Care and much much more!

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Our Services

- Corn Treatment
- Callus Treatment
- Nail Clipping
- Ingrown Toenail Treatment
- Diabetic Foot Care
- Medical Pedicures

* We offer our medical pedicure at the Centre, and are
proud to offer home service as well! 

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Our Handy Guide for Proper Diabetic Foot Care!

We pride ourselves in offering the absolute best in everything we do. That's why we have these helpful PDF below on the Do's & Don'ts of proper Foot Care, Foot Care & Diabetes.

Click here to view the Do's & Don'ts PDF.

For more information on Diabetes and proper foot care, please click here to view the pedorthic association of Canada's informative Pamphlet.

Diabetes & Foot Care  (PDF file
Do's & Don'ts of Diabetes and Foot Care (PDF file)

Helpful Links

Pedorthic Association of Canada
This website is a wealth of knowledge for everything from searching to a pedorthist or just general knowledge.

College of Pedorthics of Canada
To regulate and certify pedorthists and to protect the public by ensuring a standard of practice.

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