Alleviate your Foot & Lower Limb Problems

The proper orthotic can help you achieve your goals. Providing support, comfort and allowing you to succeed with your daily activites.
Wether it is extreme sports or a casual walk, we have you covered with our custom orthotics and professional staff.

Above All Else
We Care

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Six weeks after you have worn your custom orthotics we will recheck the fit and effectiveness of your orthotics to make sure you are on the path to relief. Contact your doctor to obtain a prescription and proper diagnosis for your foot or lower limb problem. The best part, custom orthotics are covered under most insurance plans with a medical doctor's prescription.

Get rid of those Old Soles
Come see our amazing, Knowledgable Staff

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Due to our truly knowledgable staff, doctors & nurses we can professionally assess what your custom orthotic should be. Able to create orthotics out of different materials to accommodate for the individual. A custom orthotic can alleviate problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, calluses, shin splints, back, knee, hip and lower limb pain issues.

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Our orthotics are truly custom made.
— Nadia Jakowiec.

Need More Information?

Not sure what you need? Maybe you have something specific that requires more attention. We are here for you! Please feel free to check out our pamphlet with everything you need to know to understand the complexities of foot orthotics and how they are made! 

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